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It’s not often that Hollywood dreams lead to the end zone—but they did for Clay Greenhaw.

From an early age, there was no denying it: Clay Greenhaw was born to entertain others.

At first, this natural inclination drew him to the performing arts. He starred in musical theater productions and played the piano. Like all budding entertainers, Clay dreamed of one day making it big in Hollywood. But, while immersed in the adrenaline-fueled arena of live television production and college athletics at Florida State University, Clay saw how his penchant for the fantastical could finesse guts-and-glory sports action highlights in ways that inspired and captivated both players and fans.

Fast-forward three years, and Greenhaw was entertaining thousands as Game Day and Video Producer for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

During his six-year tenure, Greenhaw not only helped to reimagine the Jaguars’ fan experience strategy; he helped to revolutionize how the NFL itself saw the audience experience.  Throughout the team’s reimagining of an NFL game presentation, Clay and Jags Cinema worked alongside world-class agencies and technology innovators to help install and activate the largest LED video boards in professional sports.  Their efforts earned Jags Cinema the coveted #1 NFL Game Presentation title multiple years in a row.  Clay’s successes in high-profile entertainment and his ability to warm hearts through uplifting, cinematic content led him to launch his namesake creative consultancy, Claymaker.


In sports, a playmaker is a multi-talented individual that has creative freedom to put a team in a position to score, or at least to make a change in the odds.  Similarly, Claymaker is the multi-hyphenate creative agency that can help brands change their odds through storytelling.

Humans, by nature, are captivated by stories. As children, we beg our parents to read to us. We delight in frightening summer camp compatriots through the telling of scary tales. As adults, we become so enthralled by a narrative that we binge-watch entire TV shows in 24-hours. And, sharing and experiencing visual stories are a part of daily life (thanks, Facebook). Not only do we consume dynamic content across a multitude of communication platforms but we can make, view, and share motion pictures using devices as small as your hand.

So, why do some stories make an impact while others fall flat? The difference lies in the crafting of the story itself. It’s not what you say but how you say it that influences hearts and minds—and that’s where Claymaker is always the playmaker.


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