You launched your business, you paid for a new, snazzy, awesome video (maybe it was even created by a cool video production company), but you have no idea how to use it to grow your business. At Claymaker, we not only seek to create awesome video content for you. BUT, we also want to share with you how to use your video for your own growth. This blog post is all about how to use your snazzy new video to help you grow.

1. Post Your Video on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to use your video to help your business grow is to share it on Social Media. As you are well aware, Social Media is an essential element to having a thriving business in our day and age. We all ingest an enormous amount of Social Media on a daily basis. It’s where we get most of our news…it’s how we stay in touch with old friends…it’s where we interact with the rest of the world. Video content has the incredible ability to break up somebody’s social media feed and capture their attention. Posting your cool new video to Social Media is a great way to express you or your company’s mission and vision in a space for all to see!
Check out this video we made for Farah & Farah (a law firm based in Jacksonville, Florida). They shared this video all over social media to help spread the word about their company!

2. Embed Your Video in Your Website/Blog

Like Social Media, having a killer website is an essential aspect of having a thriving business.

Embedding your brand new video into your website/blog gives viewers the ability to see information instead of read it. If you have a website, placing your video into a page or post can keep visitors engaged for longer period of time and increases the likelihood of capturing their business.

3. Advertise Your Video On Television/YouTube

Contrary to popular opinion, the world still watches television (not just Netflix and Hulu)! If you have the money, turning your video into a television commercial is a great way of reaching a large audience. Placing your video on TV can also be as expensive or inexpensive as you like!

If you aren’t ready to commit to TV commercials, you can always advertise your brand new video on YouTube for a fraction of the cost! YouTube can offer you financial flexibility and an easy platform for getting your video out in the world!

4. Show Your Video to Clients Directly

Powerpoint presentations are boring. Next time you meet with a client, bring a laptop or tablet, show them your snazzy video, and watch them ooze with excitement. Static images and graphs are cool. BUT, seeing a video stylistically and comprehensively explain who you are or what you do will absolutely amaze them!


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