From Playmakers to Claymaker: Time With the Jaguars

As a kid, sports were never my thing.  During my tee-ball years, I’d often be found in left field, holding my glove over my face, and peering through openings as though I were looking through a camera’s viewfinder.  Frustrated coaches often had to direct my attention to the balls I had missed while looking for “the shot”!  Whenever I did manage to field a grounder, I’d frantically turn left and right looking for directions where to throw.  In short, my place has always been in the arts – theatre, musical theatre, voice, performance, film, and television. As I’ve mentioned previously, I had a turning point at Florida State University where I found a niche in sports entertainment and shortly after, the Director of Game Presentation from the Jacksonville Jaguars took notice – enter season one as Gameday Producer.

Looking back at my beginning years with the Jaguars, I sometimes wonder how I didn’t completely implode.  The hours were long, the stakes felt high, and I was a bit of a recluse around my associates, so at times it was lonely.  It didn’t help that I couldn’t identify a cornerback or which side of the ball he plays, or that I never updated my fantasy team in the department league.  In time though, I learned the game and even developed a genuine interest in it. And that, for me, fueled a wonderful sense of community with the organization and with the city of Jacksonville – those are relationships that will last a lifetime.


The intriguing thing about the Jaguars, specifically as it applies to game entertainment and video presentation, is that they hold both in high esteem and they’ve given significant attention, resources, and innovation to them in recent years.  For an artist, a blank canvas and creative freedom could not be more welcomed.

Bringing Spectacles to Football Entertainment

What was especially attractive to me, coming from an entertainment background, was that I found ways to finesse the sports content through a slightly different lens.  While football does often call for heavy metal, hard-hitting plays and grunge, I’d have opportunities to draw inspirations from the spectacles of Hollywood, Broadway, and even theme parks.  It kind of became a running joke throughout the organization that I inject Disney into everything.  While that is accurate, it was never without reason. Those uplifting, awe-inspiring sensations that we experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom are something that I try to share in anything I create.  After all, our fans come to the games for entertainment.  Most of that of course is the game itself, but if the football performance isn’t optimal, every other part of the experience becomes that much more important and scrutinized.
A world-class, family entertainment video presentation that inspires and uplifts the audience was always at the heart of my time with the Jaguars.  Throughout my time with the organization, I experienced changes in ownership and leadership at a rapid pace.  A department of myself and two others quickly grew into a creative powerhouse: Jags Cinema.  An archaic video board (1200×320 pixels) turned into one of the world’s largest (8456×1400 pixels).  A scattered assortment of corporate partner advertising turned into cohesive, integrated activations.  One of the worst video board presentations in the National Football League jumped to #1, multiple years in a row.  Technological impossibilities became realities.  And, dreams came true.

 For an artist, a blank canvas and creative freedom could not be more welcomed.

— Clay Greenhaw, CEO

Success for The Jaguars and Jags Cinema

It was an honor to work with the Jacksonville Jaguars for six seasons, and it has been a blast to now experience NFL football as a fan!  Jags Cinema continues to produce and execute a stunning game day presentation, and it continues to get even better each year.  I am delighted that the football performance has generated an appearance in the AFC Championship this year.  All of you are most deserving of this season’s successes, on the field and off the field.
I still cannot believe that much of my career and personal maturation happened with the NFL.  Even in my wildest dreams, I could not have foreseen myself working for a football team.  What once was a significant disinterest of mine has grown not only into a passion, but into a business’s genesis.  My professional development, friendships, connections and successes are thanks to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and I wish the team much success in this post season and for years to come.

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