Jacksonville: Always in Motion

In the summer of 2014, my love for my hometown-Jacksonville, Florida–reached a new height when a vision of mine became a reality – a cinematic showcase of this city and its people christened the world’s largest LED video boards at EverBank Field.  We originally conceived it as a halftime show for a nighttime pre-season game, but by chance, a passing conversation with my former boss and a former coworker set in motion what has become a signature piece of content for the Jacksonville Jaguars, for EverBank Field, and for the city of Jacksonville.

How Crafting the Video Started

With roughly a month to go before we debuted the video boards, I happened to catch Jaguars President, Mark Lamping and Daktronics sales representative, Mike Kempany, in a conversation in our office hallway.  Mark told us that Daktronics would get us any content we needed for the “reveal” of the screens.  In a knee-jerk response, I blurted out that we already had that moment covered.  I assured them that we were working on a showcase of Jacksonville, land, air, sea, military, sports, people, nightlife, everything! 

The secret here is that almost nothing for this piece existed in that moment. 

My bluff was called, and within days, all of us in JagsCinema were all over the city of Jacksonville, hanging out of helicopters, mounting cameras to cars, commissioning local artists, and soliciting popular social media channels to pull off the impossible. 

And indeed, making a difference in our community is at the heart of the business. 

— Clay Greenhaw, CEO

How Jax In Motion Opened Doors

“Jacksonville in Motion” opened so many opportunities for me.  Fast forward to present day and here I am, the owner of my namesake creative consultancy, “Claymaker,” which we define as a difference made with moving pictures.  And indeed, making a difference in our community is at the heart of the business.  It’s our contribution, alongside many different people, to keep this city in motion.