Anecdotes Inspiring a Creative

I like to share anecdotes about my creative influences and inspirations, and the people that I’ve worked alongside over the years are tremendous sources of both!
Among the earliest of my lifelong mentors, and of the people I’ve known the longest since moving to Jacksonville, is Tim Trinkle.  Whether it was helping us build our first home computer some 20+ years ago, installing countless video editing hardware and software, or nowadays working with me on creative projects, “Mr. Tim” has been a longtime influence on myself and the “Claymaker” brand.  (I might add that while these technology consultations were always legitimate and important, I think the better end of the bargain is that they were easy excuses to throw a BBQ!)

Early Years of Inspiration

Indeed, Tim installed the first home computers that my family and I ever owned.  I was immediately fascinated with what was then to us “new” technology, and I loved the cool things that computers could create.  I often saw the power of creative software through Tim, whether it was an interactive storybook of a trip to the zoo, narrated by a family member, a cool graphic, or frame-by-frame painting a kid’s baseball bat to look like a Star Wars lightsaber.
Seeing cool things like that continued to pique my interests in the power of creating visual content with computers.  I’m sure it was no surprise to Tim that by the time I turned 12, I was wanting to get into digital video.  I’m sure it was a surprise to Tim though that on Easter Sunday in 2001, he’d be installing an ATI Radeon video graphics card into an archaic home computer so that I could convert analog home video tape into digital video – and begin creating magic!

I’m not shy at all, so it’s probably unsurprising that one of my earliest forms of artistic expression was theatre performance.

— Clay Greenhaw, CEO

Inspiration Bringing Life to Claymaker

As I entered high school, the software became more sophisticated, the cameras became more impressive and the possibilities became endless.  I’d spend summer breaks interning for Tim at Chets Creek Church, and we’d use our cool gadgets and gizmos to make high production value content… often with very cheesy storylines, ha!  But we’d also use those resources to tell visual stories that help change lives, and that’s something I treasure.  It’s become central to “Claymaker” – to make a difference with moving pictures.  We use media to positively impact the community, the country, and dare I say, the world.
Tim’s influences on my life, as an artist and as a person, continue to this day.