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Claymaker provides magical short films chronicling one of the most enchanting occasions for ANY couple – their wedding day! Only the best photography and cinematography will do at such luxuriously decadent events and weddings, plus much much more. We recreate the aesthetics, decor and ambiance of every individual wedding in these spectacular depictions, with extra touches of sparkle and magic.

Claymaker Weddings and Events are custom-tailored for each client. Special occasions have their own brand experience and deserve the same treatment, attention to detail and creative content as a Fortune 500 Company.

We have provided unique visual identities to a host of one-of-a-kind events and weddings, in addition to hype and promotional content, musical entertainment and recap videos with the same approach that we provide to every client.

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Weddings and Events by Claymaker

discover how Claymaker can bring elegance and magic to your special wedding or events!

About Claymaker Weddings and Events

Every Claymaker wedding or event production is custom tailored to the client’s individual needs and budget.  In short, we approach weddings and events in the same fashion as we would a Hollywood film or a TV commercial – elite talent, state of the art technology, and world-class customer service.


We film our weddings on state of the art equipment from RED Digital Cinema, which has become essential to us in low light scenarios.  When the lights are low and the crowd is partying, having elite camera lenses and sensors is a must to capture every sparkle.


At weddings, events, or any Claymaker production, it’s not just about best in class equipment and artists.  Even more important is best in class people and customer services.  It is our promise that the Claymaker team is professional and a joy to be around on your special day!


As a full creative agency, Claymaker has all the resources to create magical, luxurious wedding films for all couples!  With world-class cinematography, orchestrations and even special FX, our wedding films will dazzle any audience!


Claymaker would love to help bring magic and sparkle to your wedding or event! To start a conversation with us, simply fill out the form below or send us an email at info@claymaker.tv!

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