Farah & Farah: Passage

Initially, Farah & Farah commissioned Claymaker to reimagine their in-stadium advertising for the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a personal injury law firm serving Florida and Georgia, Farah & Farah is in it to win it. Our comprehensive stadium package reflects considerations of Farah & Farah’s near 40-year-old brand and Jaguars fan entertainment.

Expanding on this in-stadium package, Claymaker produced a Jaguars/Farah & Farah cobranded spot for television advertising. The piece is a reflection of the presence of both the Jaguars and Farah & Farah presence in the market, and their shared values of dedication and winning.

ClientFarah & FarahServicesVideo Production, Script Writing, Production DesignYear2018Linkfarahandfarah.com


Claymaker’s cobranded commercial video for Farah & Farah’s Jacksonville Jaguar’s sponsorship

“Dedicated to outmaneuvering and outplaying the competition.”

script writing

for this piece, we generated a variety of scripts and allowed our client to pick the one they enjoyed the most

video production

we implemented a variety of tactics to create ‘Passage’…making it look like a Jaguar was roaming Jacksonville was quite the challenge!

story boards

we crafted illustrated story boards to pitch ideas to Farah & Farah, which allowed them to see our vision


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